Property Management

Architectural Standards & Usage Guidelines

Yard debris that is blown into the street causes blockages in our storm drains. Blowing or depositing yard waste onto the street or your neighbors property is not permitted. Landscapers caught blowing yard debris on to another poperty will receive one warning and will then be prohibited from doing business in PGCC.

If you maintain your own landscaping, yard debris must be contained in black plastic bags and placed curbside only on the day of your normal garbage pickup.

If you have a lawn maintenance contractor, please let them know they are NOT allowed to leave it curbside to be picked up by residential trash collection. Your lawn maintenance contractor is required to take all lawn waste from your property and remove it from within PGCC. If your contractor fails to comply with this requirement, they will be restricted from entering PGCC.

PGCC has limitations on renting your property. When renting your home you must rent the entire home, the lease must be approved by the Property Manager prior to execution, and then re-submitted after execution. A home may be rented one (1) time in any twelve (12) month period, with a minimum lease term of six (6) months. No time-share or other similar arrangement is permitted. No short term rental, or license to occupy for short, medium, or long term use of a home is permitted. The Owner must provide its lessees or occupants with copies of the Parkland Golf & Country Club Documents, and the Owner shall remain responsible and liable for its lessees or occupant's actions.

Rental procedure: Tenant must apply online. PGCC LIVE Lease Application. Approval takes several days. A copy of the lease and a cashiers check equal to the first months rent (not to exceed $5000) payable to Parkland Golf and Country Club HOA for the common area security deposit, which must be delivered to the property managers office. If a lease is for a Caseras unit, a signed approval certificate by Caseras property management company must also be submitted. Caseras lease applications can be obtained from United Property Management Corp.

See Amendment #4 on page 169 of the PGCC declarations for the complete rule.


Except for normal construction activity, sale and resale of a home, no commercial or business activity shall be conducted in any home within Parkland Golf & Country Club. Notwithstanding the foregoing and subject to applicable statutes and ordinances, an owner may maintain a home business office within a home for such owner's personal use; provided however, business invitees, customers, and clients shall not be permitted to meet with Owners in homes unless the Board provides otherwise in the Rules and Regulations.

Resident Services


The City of Parkland requires that residential property owners recycle and utilize Waste Management for the collection of recyclable materials. Waste Management provides each homeowner with one 64 gallon rollout cart (white with green lid). Acceptable materials include: newspapers and inserts, plastic containers, indicated with numbers 1-7, magazines, catalogs, phone books, juice boxes, cardboard boxes attened, glass bottles and jars, steel, tin, and aluminum cans, office paper,  junk mail, cereal and tissue boxes.

Non-recyclable trash is to be placed in a covered container. To the extent there is an occasional amount of trash that exceeds the container capacity, and is placed curbside outside of a container, such trash is to be securely enclosed in a heavy-duty black trash bag, to help prevent
trash from being strewn about the neighborhood. Empty Boxes are to be placed in a recycling bin, attened. White trash bags are not allowed.

The City of Parkland also schedules bulk trash pickup in PGCC once a month. Pickup varies by sub-division. For more information, visit *Bulk schedule subject to change. Please see the city of parklands website for potential changes

Trash and recycle bins are to be stored out of street view. Storing the bins in front of your garage door or on the side of the house where they are visible is not acceptable. All items must be placed in the street gutter directly against the turf of the swale, or at the end of your driveway and must not enter the street further than dimension of your garbage can/bin.

Any trash related item may not be placed outside earlier than 7 PM the evening prior to the scheduled collection. Every trash related item must be removed from street view the same day as your scheduled pickup. If you will not be returning on the day of pickup to retrieve you trash cans, please make arrangements so that it does not remain outside.

Horticultural debris consisting of grass clippings, palm fronds, or small tree branches are collected on the same day as trash pick-up, but must be separated from the trash debris. Tree branches must be bundled and tied with string and must not exceed four feet in length, four inches in diameter, and 40 pounds in weight per bundle. Tree stumps and logs will ONLY be collected on bulk pick-up days provided they are cut properly and placed neatly at the curb.

Broward County accepts household hazardous waste (household cleaners, electronics, bug sprays, etc.) and special waste (paint, used motor oil, tires, car and boat batteries, etc.) at its Trash Transfer Stations. For information, contact Broward County at (954) 765 4999. The location nearest to Parkland is: Broward County - North Transfer Station 2780 N. Powerline Rd., Pompano Beach, FL 33073

General trash and recycling removal schedules can be found at

Failing these trash collection requirements will subject you to a citation, see Fining Schedule.

Bulk Garbage
Pick Up Dates
(North of Trails End)
June 26, July 24, August
28, September 25,
October 30, November
27, December 26*
(South of Trails End)
June 27, July 25, August
29, September 26,
October 31, November
28, December 26


Bus stop locations subject to change. If you have any questions, please contact the Property Managers office.



ROUTE #   


Heron Heights Elementary

for children who live West of the
Stonegate/ Lost Garden Circle
1416 Sweet Bay Court (East Side/Lake Side) @ Lost Garden Terrace
for children who live East of the
 Lost Garden circle
1416Lost Garden Terrace @ Spyglass Avenue (East Side)

Riverglades Elementary

AM-140310001 Old Club Road @ Sports Club Parking Lot
PM-140510001 Old Club Road @ Sports Club Parking Lot
for children who live West of the
 Lost Garden circle
AM-1403Sweet Bay Court (East Side/Lake Side) @ Lost Garden Terrace
for children who live East of the
 Lost Garden circle
AM-1403Lost Garden Terrace @ Spyglass Avenue (East Side)
for children who live West of the
Stonegate/ Lost Garden circle 
PM-1405Sweet Bay Court (East Side/Lake Side) @ Lost Garden Terrace
for children who live West of the
 Lost Garden circle
PM-1405Lost Garden Terrace @ Spyglass Avenue (East Side)

Park Trails Elementary

1407 10001 Old Club Road @ Sports Club Parking Lot

Westglades Middle

1003Canopy Terrace (Southbound) & South of Emerson St
124210001 Old Club Road @ Sports Club Parking Lot
for children who live West of the
Stonegate/ Lost Garden circle
1401Sweet Bay Court (East Side/Lake Side) @ Lost Garden Terrace
for children who live West of the
 Lost Garden circle 
1401Lost Garden Terrace @ Spyglass Avenue (East Side)

Stoneman Douglas High

1408Canopy Terrace (Southbound) & South of Emerson St
140810001 Old Club Road @ Sports Club Parking Lot

Broward College North

AM-1204 10001 Old Club Road @ Sports Club Parking Lot
PM-1292   10001 Old Club Road @ Sports Club Parking Lot